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Exclusive clothing and accessories by FIF

You can buy online the exclusive line of clothes and accessories branded by International Accordion Festival! To purchase please send an e-mail to eventi@studioideazione.com specifying the requested item, size and quantity: the staff of the Festival will send a confirmation with all the details to complete the purchase.
Cost must be added the indicated shipping.


iPhone case 10,00 €see the product
iPad case 15,00 €see the product
Document wallet 4,00 €see the product
Cleaning accordion cloth 5,00 €see the product
Wristband 3,00 €see the product
Pencil 1,50 €see the product
Bag 10,00 €see the product


Black sweatshirt 25,00 €see the product


Black short-sleeved t-shirt 15,00 €
Black sweatshirt 25,00 €see the product 1see the product 2


White long-sleeved t-shirt 5,00 €see the product
Red sweatshirt 10,00 €see the product
K-way red or white 10,00 €see the product
Wool hat 7,00 €see the product