Lo Que Vendrà… “la musica para bailar” born in 2005 under artistic direction by Simone Marini and Daniela Fidanza with the intent to revisit the milestones of the orchestras that have contributed to the development of classical and contemporary repertory of Tango Argentino. It ‘s regularly invited to shows, concerts, milongas and festivals in Italy (Pescara, Chieti, Teramo, L’Aquila, Rome, Padua, Brescia, Bassano del Grappa, Ravenna, Torri del Benaco, Lucca, Senigallia, Forlì, Verona, Civitanova Marche, Siena, Pisa, Milan, Venice, Saint-Vincent , Caserta, Benevento, Stintino) and in Europe (Baden-Baden, Nizza, Lussembourg), accompany International artists: Roberto Herrera, Ezequiel Paludi y Geraldin Rojas, Roberto Reis y Natalia Lavandeira, Sergio Natario y Alejandra Arrue’, Los Hermanos Macana, Esther y Mingo Pugliese, Georgina Vargas, Gustavo Saenz, Pablo Garcia, Sebastian Jimenez y Maria Ines Bogado, Horacio Ferrer, Ana Karina Rossi, Roxana Fontana. The group is composed by 5 professional musicians Simone Marini with bandoneon (original bisonoro years ’30), Daniela Fidanza with piano, Mario Pace with violin, Giovanni Ciaffarini with viola, Claudio Marzolo with contrabass and the collaboration of the singer Argentino Rubèn Peloni with whom in 2010 he recorded the album “A Bailar”. In 2007 he released under the artistic direction of Ivana Scordella and with the dancer and choreographer Claudio Jurman, the show “Tango Dancing Bodies”, participating in the 1st festival “Tango Abruzzo” in Pescara, supporting the orquesta typical Alfredo Marcucci with artist Luis Stazo with bandoneon. In December 2009, carries the show “One Hundred Years of Tango … a hug … a Life” at the Auditorium Flaiano of Pescara. Participates in 2010 as the first “Orquesta de Tango” festival “Tango Fusion” in Rimini, receiving large support from teachers and the public Argentine tango. Participate in the 1st Festival of Tango in Rome by Mauro Barreras in the show “Tango Casting … El Espectáculo “at the Greek Theatre. A Milan in the show” Tango Maipo “, with marshes and Geraldin Ezequiel Rojas, Los Hermanos Macana, Roberto Reis y Natalia Lavandeira. In 2012, on the twentieth anniversary of the death of Astor Piazzolla, produces and presents national preview of the show “El Luchador of the tango”, lyrics by Carla Violet and directed by Bruno Spadaccini.


In 2002 they released their first album, self-produced and simply titled “Ciccon ‘Dela’. In 2005, “Awakenings” was the record of the confirmation of the goodness of the work of this group of artists from Abruzzo and born in December 2001 by Carmine Ianieri, James Salary & Morgan Fascioli. In addition to the classical formation with Carmine Ianieri on tenor sax, James Salary on keyboards, Fascioli Morgan on drums, the group will host Fabrizio Mandolins on soprano sax, Danilo Di Paolonicola on accordion ,Luca Mongia on electric guitar, Mirko Di Staso to the bass. A big formation for a big concert. A nice surprise came from a dual listening to the live concert of the group “Ciccon’dela”, the May 21 of the 2003 at the Villa Comunale di Roseto degli Abruzzi (TE), and the approach with pieces performed in the recording of a CD represents the debut of this group which counts among its members elements valuable, with a strong sense of professionalism and an excellent technique executive. Let us remember them one by one, for surely happen again to listen and enjoy their music: Carmine Ianieri on sax, James Salary at the piano, keyboards and synth basses, Fascioli Morgan on drums and percussion, with the addition, with regard to the registration, other three elements: Fabrizio Mandolini on soprano sax, Emiliano “Zapata” on slide guitar, Walter Di Girolamo on bandoneon. They are a new and unique group, but totally functional to the kind of music that the group produces. They are a revolutionary and traditional jazz group. The confirmation came from the first part of the concert live, which included pieces by Ellington, Benny Goodman, Lester Young: and the presence of this, with a exemplary piece as “Lester Leaps In,” has meant the symbolic continuity between past and present, between heritage to be respected and whose benefit and the potential of the change, of musical regeneration from the perfect job and actively carried out in the preparation and execution of the songs on the CD. In the latter converge various experiences, certainly suggestive and fascinating, an evolution of the basic rhythm, which uses broken and irregular movements, as befits a modern basis of sound obsessive and more marked. But that’s not all: the work done by the saxes as of the piano is exemplary to offer to the listener models of phrasing absolutely modern: just as an example, the use of the phrase a “continuum” crushed and dramatic, unlike the “only “traditional strongly bonded to a painful” bound “. All of this is noticeable in “A bunch of pictures”, the opening track, but also the continuation of the execution, from “Watercolours”, studded atmosphere lyrics should not be ignored, in “Travel Story”, a song by the group signed to base Fascioli, Ianieri, Salario, which closes worthily and beautifully the performance of a group to remember.


As a Musician, performer and disc jockey he studied music under guidance of Maestro Beppe Rusconi and frequented courses of conservatory and master classes of jazz. As an accordionist and pianist he proposed a vast repertory that included Italian classics, vaudeville, cafè chantant, white phones, rock’n’roll, country, jazz, funk, evergreen and folk. He composes songs and instrumental tracks. He worked for long time as a DJ and presenter in radio and in strip tease establishments. Since 2008 the main project of the musician/performer has been in investigating among Italian vaudeville and cafè chantant of the first half of 900, bringing on stage adaptations of songs and gags of that time, as well as original songs and skits. He has traveled Italy with over four hundred shows from situations of luxury to street performances, VIP venues to taverns, theatres to community centres. Among his best engagements include partecipation as a daily guest to “Meno Male Che C’è Radio2” with Simone Cristicchi and Nino Frassica, collaboration with director Riccardo Recchia, his performances at the theatre Bellini of Naples with Dignità Autonome di Prostituzone, his partecipation at the International Castelfidardo Accordion Festival in collaboration with Pigini Accordions and his recent engagement with Lello Arena for the show “Capitan Fracassa” on tour this summer. Since 2010 as part of the cast of the Micca Club of Rome, which will commence performances every Thursday with his night “Elisir, the poison of the Sior Mirkaccio”.


Surreal, distracted, dreamy and poetic. Giuditta Sin loves to make every performance an ‘opportunity to free her imagination, show it in its many nuances and drag you in her lucid dream. Passionate about literature Fin de siècle, inspired by the works of symbolist, decadentism and surrealism, from the controversial works of Colette and revolutionary dancers like Isadora Duncan. Love, freedom, magic, dreams and madness are Giuditta ingredients for the perfect spell. Always fascinated by the figure of the vamp and by the delicate and naughty sensuality of the early ’900 divas Giuditta began her artistic research that will lead to create performances that reject any possible label! Body art? erotic art? Burlesque? Giuditta defines her creations pure acts of beauty.


The Astoria ensemble specialises exclusively in the works of Astor Piazzolla, transcribed and adapted by the accordionist Christophe Delporte. Made up of five artists, Christophe Delporte (accordion, bandonion, accordina, arrangements), Isabelle Chardon (violin), Eric Chardon (cello), Leonardo Anglani (piano), Santo Scinta (percussion), all graduates of Belgium’s Royal Conservatories, international competition winners or members of leading orchestras, Astoria has established a strong identity through the rigour, energy and emotions communicated by their performances. Following in Astor Piazzolla’s furrow, Astoria stands at the crossroads. A constant concern for musical quality and instrumental mastery brings their approach close to the classical universe, in which they all received their training. But, while they bring to the fore the exquisite subtleties of the Argentine master’s writing, they also preserve all the bewitching rhythmic and melodic charm of the original versions. In switching the low ceilings of smoke filled bars or recording studios for the concert hall, the ensemble is faithful to the composer’s own aspirations: in his latter years, Piazzolla liked the unique and inimitable of his ensemble to exhale freely in an appropriate setting.



“ Music Around The World ” by Francesco Citera is a musical journey through traditional tunes from all over the world and original songs, as well. The musicians of “ Francesco Citera Quartet ” are skilled multi-instrumentalists performing a highly technical repertoir with a Jolly spirit and with appropriate irony which make the show enjoyable to anyone, even to people not much interested in technical skills. Every audience member will enjoy the selection of tunes from the tradition of many countries: Brazil, Argentina, U.S.A. , Finland, France, Hungary, Arabia, Italy will be told through songs which the Accordion performs with great versatility and a wide range of moods. Members of the band: Francesco Citera, accordion Filippo D’Allio, guitars Rocco Basile, bass and double bass Pietro Ciuccio, world percussions



Christian Riganelli was born in Recanati in 1976 and he began studying accordion at the age of nine. He graduated in classical accordion at the Conservatory “N. Piccinni” in Bari, under the guidance of Maestro M. Pitocco. He also studied at the Conservatory “G.B.Pergolesi” in Fermo, where he earned a graduate degree in Music Education and Accordion Teaching. He attended many courses of musical interpretation in Italy and abroad, with famous musicians as C. Jacomucci, P. Soave, M. Hellegard and C. Rojac. He performed in several international music festivals in France, Germany, Denmark, England, Czech Republic, Brazil and Argentina. He is a member of the “Milonga Quintet” and in 2005 they recorded the album “Romance”, produced by Wide Sound Record. Here, he performed new arrangements and experiments inspired by the music of Astor Piazzolla. He has worked with Vinicio Capossela, Riccardo Tesi and David Riondino. He has performed “The Function of the Centenary” written by Roberto De Simone, a Cantata for Tenor and Solo Accordion, double male choir and orchestra, during the 37th Edition of the Festival “Settembre al Borgo” in the Duomo di Casertavecchia. He recorded the album “Livin God”, collection of poetic readings and songs inspired by sacred music, in collaboration with Marche Region. He has been a featured performer and composer in many theatre shows inspired by F.G.Lorca, D. Buzzati, L. Pirandello, G. Leopardi. He has worked with Piccolo Teatro in Milan in the show “The story of the abandoned doll” written by Brecht-Sastre and featured with the poet and writer Davide Swifts in the Recital dantesco “Love that moves the Sun and other stars.” He performed as a soloist with the Orchestra Filarmonica Marchigiana at the Teatro delle Muse, interpreting the music by B. Moretti for the ballet “Earth”, which premiered in Italy. He performed in duo with Gabriele Mirabassi playing the music by the famous brazilian composer A. Mehmari for solo accordion, clarinet soloist and Orchestra, which premiered at the Sala Jardel Filho in Sao Paulo. He has an intense concert activity as a soloist and in chamber ensembles, exhibiting various repertoires ranging from classical to folk and French, from Klezmer to Chanson. He teaches accordion at Civica Scuola di Musica “P.Soprani” in Castelfidardo.


He is one of the best prestigious clarinettist at international level. After his graduation with honour, for some years he had taken a great interest in technical skills, peculiar of contemporary music. His involvement with jazz went side by side with his interest in contemporary music, and continued to grow after the recording of Coloriage (1991) in duo with the accordionist Richard Galliano becoming his exclusive activity. In duo with Stefano Battaglia he records Fiabe, with Sergio Assad Velho Retrato and he signs Cambaluc, where the Quartet of clarinet namaste joins special guests such as Richard Galliano, Riccardo Tesi and his brother Giovanni Mirabassi. He was awarded at Top Jazz ’96 as “best new talent”. In Umbria Jazz 2000 he presents together with Luciano Biondini, Michel Godard and Francesco D’Auria, the project “Lo Stortino” with so many plaudits from critics and public, in Italy and abroad. His cd “1 a 0” (Egea) with Luciano Biondini (accordion), Michel Godard (tuba) and Patrick Vaillant (mandolin) was presented in Umbria Jazz 2001 and has been appreciated by the public and the critics in Italy and abroad, a project entirely dedicated to the Chôro, the antecedent of the great Brasilian folk music. A new recording printed by ENJA records sums up the clarinet-player’s various musical experiences, Latakia Blend, in trio with Michel Godard and Luciano Biondini, “fellow-travellers” of his last projects. In Umbria Jazz 2003 has been presented his cd Fuori le Mura (Egea) in duo with Luciano Biondini. At Umbria Jazz 2004 he has presented Graffiando Vento (Egea), his first cd with the extraordinary brazilian guitarist Guinga, defined in the same year from the Folha de Sao Paulo “the best album of brazilian instrumental music of the year”. His collaborations are so many and extremely heterogeneous concerning the style level and languages too; many ones are documented in his discography (Rabih Abou Khalil, Mina, John Cage, Ivano Fossati, Battista Lena, Riccardo Zegna, Enrico Pieranunzi, Roberto Gatto, Cristina Zavalloni, Trio Madeira-Brasil, Istituzione Sinfonica Abruzzese, Marco Paolini, Mario Brunello, Orchestra D’Archi italiana), only to mention some. In the last years Mirabassi has enlarged a lot his list of collaborations, extending himself with courage to other fields of show: his now constant collaboration with Gianmaria Testa, the one with the italian writer Erri De Luca (with whom he has taken part to the theatral work “Chisciotte e gli invincibili”), the one with the singer Barbara Casini and the actress Monica Demuru: in trio they have created a new project a sort of concert/show, “Costruzione”, dedicated to Chico Buarque. The last “fatigue” is “Canto d’ebano”, released on March 2008, an homage to the extraordinary African wood and to the passionate hands (the Italian ones) that transform it in a clarinet. On 2008, “Canto di ebano” has been awarded at Top Jazz ’08 as “BEST ALBUM OF THE YEAR”. MIRAMARI, which sees him on stage with Andrè Mehmari young, talented and versatile pianist, composer and arranger Brazilian, is the latest effort, released in Italy and Europe in February 2010 with the historic label ever, Egea Records.



Mahatma Costa is a musician of great charisma and musical talent, he has a unique musical style that reflects the Latin accordion, he is considered one of the best Brazilian accordionists of the new generation. He began his studies at an early age by himself, now already treading the stages of many theaters and festivals all over the north-east of Brazil. In his trail he has perfected his technique with several professional musicians, currently specializing in master classes of modern accordion with Antonio Spaccarotella with whom he collaborates artistically. A Musician of national and international experience, Mahatma Costa has created and collaborated with renowned names (in the accordion and musical productions at concerts), such as Dominguinhos, Antonio Spaccarotella (IT) Valkyrie Mendes (PE), Anastacia (SP), Maria da Paz (SP) and Edigar White (BA), realizing numerous projects of varied artistic extraction. Currently working on an exclusive project with the orchestra of accordions Frevo in Pernambuco, with whom he develops a culture of Frevo with accordion. In recent years he has got victories in different ranges of national and international competitions such as: 1st place of the 5th International Festival of Accordion Roland (São Paulo). 5th place of the 64th Cup Mondo Shanghai (China) (Cat.Digitale). 4th place of the 62nd World Trophy Accordion (Spokane, WA USA). He has authored several projects from different artistic with whom he has performed in Brazil and beyond: Venice, Boston, Maynard as well as several Brazilian states of Bahia, Piauí, Maranhão, Paraíba, Minas Gerais, Pará, Pernambuco, São Paulo, Brasilia, Rio de Janeiro.


He was born on 22 September 1990 to Sapri. At the age of 7 years he starts a traditional study of the accordion, or diatonic accordion, under guide of his father Rocco. He is famous today for his speed technique accordion. From child participates to competitions and festival of accordion, starting to get positive consents and classification, starts study of the piano under guide of M° Flavio La Camera (Orchestra Conductor). He participates Italian Championship of Accordion of Routi (PZ) in 2002 and that of Colliano (SA) in 2006, gets good positions, but only in 2007 he gets the best position, before on the province of Rieti wins the Italian Championship of Accordion and in same year he wins the title of Champion of the World of Accordion in Trentino. From 2007 he starts a rising career, participating to different national and international events, for example in Croatia, Swiss and at the conservatory of Minsk, in Belarus. He published a single disk in 2009 and one in 2012 together his students, all his disk with many his compositions. Associato SIAE as age of 16 years as composer (including texts), collaborating with other teachers and with the factory organ accordions “Dino Baffetti” we whom created the first organ capable perfoming “Il Volo del Carbone” by Korsakov. Now he teaches and participles with his students to accordion contests, competitions and championships, getting good results, in fact in 2010 and in 2011 two students have won the Italian championship while in 2012 another student became European Champion. He plays in privities parties and in the summer around for the Italy for concerts and country’s parties with his orchestra, with the intention to continue the instrument followed by the tradition of his land, “the cilento”.


She was born on 2ndOctober 1990 in Finland. Netta started playing accordion at the age of 5. She wanted to play accordion because the teacher of the Children Music School played that instrument, and of course, it looked amazing. She started her musical lessons with that same teacher, Marjo Suominen, in Karkkila. After 5 years of playing, Netta changed teacher and started to study in Sibelius academy’s Junior side with Heidi Velamo. In the year of 2006 Netta got in to Helsinki’s Sibelius High School and a year after that Netta joined heavy metal band TURISAS and started to travel the world all around for 4 years. Even though Netta travelled foreign countries most of her time, still she managed to graduate high school in 2010. Nowadays Netta is writing own music and doing loads of solo gigs in Finland. She’s dreaming about an album which would contain her own songs which she will of course sing by herself, and also play some accordion solos. Competitions accordion – Year 2003: 1st place at the Folk Musician Championships chromatic accordion. Year 2005: 1st place at the Folk Musician Championships diatonic accordion. Year 2006: 1st place at the national classical Minä Soitan Harmonikkaa -competition and 1st place at the national Golden Accordion competition. Year 2012: 1st place at the Roland Scandinavia competition and 4th place at the International Roland competition and Journalist Award Winner. Competitions singing – Year 2012: 2nd place at the National Pop music -singer competition and 2ndplace at National UKC -singing competition.


Alessandro Berti was born on 1st August 1977, in Loreto (AN) . He is dedicated at the rock music and the accordion. He inherited the work by his family, first by grandfather after by uncle both turners of accordions. In 1995 began to learn this work; today he’s a turner for the better brands of accordion “made in Castelfidardo”. And the rock? Passion, much passion which has inherited by father which founded a local radio station in the 70’s. Alessandro brings this passion in his live concerts. He started to play the guitar at the 6 years and then devoted himself to singing. Today he offers real tributes to the Italian rockers who have made the history of Italian music: Ligabue, Litfiba and Vasco Rossi. The his experience has arrived from Italian squares with his two bands: Le Deviazioni and Area X. This year has arrived the real consecration with the AlexBertiBand that has done funny and dance many people, passionates or no. In the years Alessandro has collaborated in various shows in collaboration with important musicians of national level as Maurizio Solieri (Vasco Rossi guitarist), Andrea Innesto (Vasco Rossi saxofonist), Claudio Golinelli – The Rooster (Vasco Rossi bassist) and Federico Poggipollini (Ligabue guitarist). What’s missing? A his song! Maybe in this week we will listen a Alex Berti song? It will discover from 16th September.



Simone was born in Paola (CS) in 1989 and began to study accordion when he was very young and during his academic path he had the chance to train with lots of different italian accordion teacher. In 2009 he has started classic accordion studies at the conservatory G. MARTUCCI in Salerno. After short time, the young accordionist has studied modern accordion and varietè.


Modern accordion and varietè masterclass with Frederich Deschmps “Paris”. Classic accordion masterclass with Giuseppe Scigliano Campus Afam Santa Severina (KR). Seminar of classic accordion with the M.tro Francesco Palazzo. Seminar of classic accordion and advanced techiniques with the M.tro Giuseppe Gross. Jazz accordion masterclass with M.tro Renzo Ruggeri at Castelfidardo.

In 2010 he has played many concerts in England including the “Seacroft Accordions International”, in 2011 has played a concert at Glasgow and after in England. He has been guest in different television local programs of Calabria as Ten and Video Calabria. Now he works with the company Cooperfisa of Vercelli.


He was born in the North of Norway (North Cape) in 1957. His performing and integrity are well known among musicians and others who have their interests in accordion music in Norway and Scandinavia. Ha started to play the accordion at the age of 7. Especially inspired by his father, who is known as a very competent all-round musician. Young Kijell Harald was lucky to inherit this versatility, and therefore he feels “at home” in many styles of music. In planning a possible career as a musician, he moved south, close to Oslo. The year was 1977, and he is still living there. Early he came in touch with many of the famous and proficient musicians and accordion players and got the opportunity to perform together with these brilliant artists. This became his education, and has of course formed him as accordionist. In early years he participated in many competitions and became Norwegian Champion with various groups and orchestras, and also in the classical solo category (playing “Sonatina” by Fugazza). He still loves to play the music of Fugazza. In 2007 he produced a CD “A Certain Smile” with the same musicians that later played with Frank Marocco. In 2010 he had his own big concert in Oslo Concert Hall, where he played classical solos, folk music, jazz suite with big band and jazz music with quartet. A DVD from this concert is available. Since 1983, he has been running his own company specialized in accordion tuning and repair, import and sales.


He started studying accordion at the age of 11 attending different high schools of music in the Cosenza, later he studied classical accordion with M° Antonio Spaccarotella; Simon with whom, specializing in modern accordion and preparing for international competitions 2013. In his travels, he has perfected his technique with different professional musicians, regularly attending master classes in modern and classical accordion with the M° Frederic Deschamps (France) who specialize in cutting-edge techniques for the accordion. Also he frequented a masterclass of accordion with: Wlatscheslaw Semjonow (Russia), Mirco Patarini (Italy) Alexandar Selivanov (Russia), Yulia Amerikova (Russia), Renzo Ruggeri (Italy), Gorka Hermosa (Spain) etc. He has won a varied number of victories in international competitions such as: the 71st edition of the “NAO UK International Championschips”, Italy Award-Pineto (5th Accordion Art Festival), International Competition “Strumenti&Musica festival” of Spoleto on the classic category. He represented Italy at the C.M.A “World Trophy of the Accordion” and C.I.A World Coupe select by the I.A.C (Italian Accordion Culture) among the best Italian accordionist of variety. Recently he has carried out various solo and trio concerts in Calabria. He is still a student at the Music Academy New Harmonies, where he is perfecting in modern and jazz accordion with M° Antonio Spaccarotella and harmony and jazz history with M° Alberto La Neve.


Harry Hussey started to learn the piano at the age of 5 without written music, then took up the piano accordion when he was 13 the same way, without ever having a lesson. After 3 months of playing the accordion. Harry began entertaining the regulars in his local pub “The Bird in the Hand” in Kilburn London and from the age of just 14yrs he became a semi-professional musician. From 1944 when Harry was 15, he would wait outside a piano shop in London every weekend hoping to be chosen as an accordionist at “The Accordionist for the Day” in Southend. Harry would stand for most of the journey at the front of the bus next to the driver facing his captured audience playing requests, anything to help create a wonderful party atmosphere , he would then pass his “accordion shaped collection tin” around. When he would arrive at Southend, he would run to the pub ” The Ship Inn ” to play his accordian to the audience of 50 buses that has arrived from London on a day trip to Southend. If he was lucky he also got invited aboard one of the many boat trips, where he would play his music and then pass his tin around for offers, If he had time, he would quickly eat fish and chips and cup of tea before he repeated the same routine on the trip back to Kilburn at the end of the day. On these trips Harry could earn 3 times more than his father would earn in a week. During his National Service (military) he continued to play the accordion and his music was played on the “British Forces Radio Network” from Hamburg in Germany including the time around 1948 when Cliff Michelmore was a presenter. Harry then studied to become a chartered builder & surveyor and also become a Fellow of the Institute of Architecture & Surveying. Then he studied Arbitration and Law and performed many different jobs including: director of a building company, an area surveyor for a housing association and many more. The impressive list of letters that officially follow Harry’s name read like a dictionary :- RICS. FCIOB. ACIArb. FASI MRSH. During his time spent studying and working, he still played gigs as a semi professional accordionist. His hugely successful musical career has seen Harry playing for and alongside some of the biggest names in show business including:- George Chisholm, Matt Monroe, Alan Littlejohn(who once introduced Harry by saying ” here is a man on the squeezebox &wireless set” referring to his amplifier), Norman Wisdom, Jack Emblow, Frank Marocco, Rolf Harris, Harry Dawson, Jimmy Skidmore, Johnny Van Derrick, Anthony Newley and Rory Blackwell (who affectionately always introduced Harry as “a refugee from the salvation army”). Harry is probably one of the busiest and best loved accordionists in this country at present and can be seen playing on the UK Accordion Club & Festival Scene as a Soloist and often with his popular trio (Doug Inkpen & George Overton-Carroll) He is also as a member of the hugely successful Café Noir jazz group based at Hove in East Sussex who frequently perform at prestigious jazz events including the Ealing Jazz Festival.


Gabriele Antonelli, born in Savignano sul Rubicone (FC), began to study the accordion when he was very young and continued his music studies at the Conservatorio G.B. Martini of Bologna, where he got a degree in bassoon. He has attended perfecting courses about multi-style approach to rhythmic instruments with M° Massimo Moriconi and M° Stefano Nanni. Moreover, he has taken part into courses of ensamble music and jazz accordion with M° Simone Zanchini. Antonelli has cooperated with several bands and as an accordion, piano and keyboard player. In 2010, with the San Marino soprano Barbara Andreini, he started the acoustic-vocal project “Solo IN Due“. In their concerts Antonelli and Andreini play and sing pieces from different musical genres. Since 2000, besides his artistic activity, Gabriele Antonelli has carried out voice teaching.

GIORGIO ALBANESE, jazz accordionist, composer

Giorgio was born in Ostuni (BR) 24th February 1986. He began playing the accordion at eight years old and not long afterwards started to win various national and international competitions. He has a degree in “Jazz Music” at the Conservatoire “Niccolò Piccinni” in Bari, with a first class honours cum laude. He was taught by M° R. Ottaviano. He has had the pleasure of meeting and collaborating with various musicians who are known nationally and internationally, including Jhon Thicai (DEN), Gianni Lenoci (IT), Steve Potts (USA), Mikael Swafirowski (FIN), Ricardo Tejero (SPA), Danilo Gallo (IT), Livio Minafra (IT), Gianluigi Trovesi (IT), Dominic Lash (UK), Richard Barrett (UK), William Parker (USA). He has studied and/or attended seminars with: Kent Carter (USA), Jhon Thicai (DEN), Gianni Lenoci (IT),Steve Potts (USA), Jerry Bergonzi (USA), Roberto Ottaviano (IT), Davide Santorsola (IT), Pino Minafra (IT), Gianluigi Trovesi (IT), William Parker (USA), Karl Berger (USA), Luigi Giannatempo (IT), Greg Burk (USA), Alessandro Sbordoni (IT), Dick Oatts (USA). In the summer of 2009 at the Umbria Jazz Festival he was selected by the teachers of the “Berklee College of Music” in Boston as “the best talent”, winning a scholarship to study a full time program at a prestigious American Music School. Since 2006 he has been involved in various musical projects ranging from contemporary jazz to free improvisation, from world music to modern tango, collaborating across various multidisciplinary artistic fields, such as theatre, dance and cinema. He is part of various musical projects and has given concerts in Italy, France, Portugal, Spain, England, Egypt, Croatia, Finland, Argentina, Holland, Russia, China, Morocco.

The first album as a leader with a project in jazz quintet & orchestra, with guest American saxophonist Steve Potts, will be released soon Prizes and Awards:

- Italia Award – Jazz Accordion – 1st prize;
- World Accordion Championship – 2nd prize;
- Trophèe Mondiale de l’ accordeon – 2nd prize;
- 4th Accordion Art Festival – Italia Award 1st prize;
- International Competition “Premio Leo Ceroni”- 1st prize;
- National Roland V-Accordion festival – 1st prize;
- Primus Ikaalinen competition – 2nd prize;
- International competition “Città di Lanciano” – 1st prize;
- Intenational Competition “Città di Capistrello” – 1st prize;
- International competition “Trofeo città di Palagianello” – 1st prize;
- International competition for accordion player for soloist and group – 1st prize.


Paolo was born in Capistrello (AQ). From younger began to study of accordion and piano with the maestro JADELUCA in the “Alfredo Casella” Conservatory of Aquila; here Paolo has frequented for six years the course of composition. Winner of a scholarship, Paolo has decided of examine in depth the “Neapolitan school” in the “Luigi and Giseppe Malerbi” Conservatory of Ravenna. Is winner of various national and international competitions for accordion and piano:
1st prize at the “Rolando Vicini” competition for accordion of Sora
1st prize at the competition for accordion “City of Canistro”
3rd prize at the “Rolando Vicini” competition for accordion of Sora
1st prize at the competition for accordion “City of Pedimonte – San Germano” (FR)
1st prize at the competition for pianist “City of Senigallia”.

In 1989 Paolo frequented a course of interpretation for piano at the DAMS of Bologna. From 1987 to 1995 he worked as an accordionist on tour with Luciana Turini, Stefano Ruffini, Gianni and Marco Morandi, Fiordaliso, Don Baki and he collaborated with Vittorio Gassman on theatrical tour. He has the honor of playing with the Oscar World Accordion Master Gervasio Marcosignori.
In 2002 he collaborated at the accordion competition organized by the Lions Club in Mottola (TA) as a music supervisor with Beppe D’Onghia (conductor of orchestra and arranger of Lucio Dalla).
Paolo has performed in concerts both in Italy and abroad in training soloist, trio, quartet and quintet:
year 2003 – concert of accordion at the Fair of Frankfurt, concert for accordion at the “S. Agostino” Theatre of Bergamo, concert at Rimini
year 2004 – concert of accordion at the “Marrucino” Theatre of Chieti, concert of accordion and piano at the “Orsini” Theatre of Avezzano (AQ), concert for accordion at the “La Vena” Theatre Room of Venice, concert of accordion at the “Torremare Castle” (MT). In the same year, he’s guest at the Galà for accordion to Stroncone (TR)
year 2005, 13rd October – concert at the international prize of accordion “City of Castelfidardo”
year 2006 – performance at the Castel del Monte (Andria) during a conference of the On. Vittorio Sgarbi
year 2007, 12nd October – soloist performance at the international competition of Castelfidardo.
The passion for the music and the interesting for the young has delivered Paolo, with other teachers, to found “The Fenice” the Musical-Cultural Academy where Paolo has become president and director of the young orchestra “The Fenice”.
He has worked with the orchestra of the Collegium Musicum of Bari direct by Maestro Marrone and with different musicians as Vito Di Modugno, with the maestro Rosario Mastroserio (teacher of piano at the Conservatory of Bari), with the vocalist Lisa Manosperti, with the multi-instrumentalist of root jazz Nuccy Guerra (which has played with a most famous jazz soloist of international fame as Dizzi Gillespie, Chet Baket, Lee Konitz and Art Farmer), with Guido Di Leone (jazz guitarist of international fame), Giuseppe Bassi (jazz bassist of international fame, element of jazz quartet of Guido Di Leone, Gianni Bassi, Alessandro Minetto) and with Mario Rosini. Another collaboration has been with the actor Paolo Panaro in “Beasts” of Aldo Palazzeschi together at the actress Nunzia Antonino.
In December 2007 he is guest to the international accordion prize of Castelfidardo. In March 2008 he is guest at the concert of accordion and sax on Radio Rai3.
Paolo has graduated with excellent votes in accordion at the “N. Piccinni” Conservatory of Bari. From 2007 to 2010 is artistic director of the concert season “Enarmonie” in collaboration of the Culture Department of the Gioia Del Colle Council in the Rossini Theatre. Until 2009 he has been accordion demonstrator for Polverini Company.
He has recorded the CD “Diamond” with Guido Di Leone, Giuseppe Bassi e Fabio Delle Foglie. Its presentation has happened in august 2008 in the Sala Convegni Ottaviani (AQ).
The last his years were work-wise “productive”:
year 2008, August – concert of piano and accordion at the “Monte Sannace” Archeological Museum of Gioia Del Colle (BA). Im September he has performed with quartet to Snteramo in Colle (BA) for the “Interreg Italy-Grace” project in the manifestation “Joys of Mediterranean” with collaboration of the Puglia Region
year 2009, April – concert at the Rossini Theatre of Gioia Del Colle with his jazz quartet. In the same year he’s a collaborator, with Polverini, of an exhibition of accordion with historical trip at Gioia Del Colle. In May Paolo directing the young orchestra at the Rossini Theatre in the project “The way of the music” with collaboration of Culture Department of Gioia Del Colle.
year 2010 – collaboration and concert at the Rossini Theatre with Roberto Ottaviano, teacher of sax at the Conservatory of Bari. He has been guest with his quartet at the 60th World Trophy of accordion and he has performed to Giarre, in Sicily, for the international meeting of accordion and organ.
year 2011, June – he has directed the young orchestra “The Fenice” at Gioia Del Colle.

Between 2009 and 2012 he has performed in concert at “Musikermesse” at Frankfurt. Now he is a demonstrator of Settimio Soprani Brand and plays in the “Nu Tango Wave” quintet.
Year 2012, 22nd-24th June – he has performed in concert with the first lady of the jazz, Tiziana Ghiglioni, in quartet at the Rossini Theatre of Gioia Del Colle and in November in the concert at the “Caraton Jazz”. In the same year, he has performed with Nunzia Antonino in Soglia in the “Recital” show at Theatre Rossini with direction by Carlo Bruni
year 2013 – he has been the art direction of “Ties of Art” show in collaboration with Culture Department of Gioia Del Colle Council and has directed the young orchestra “The Fenice”. Actually he collaborated at the “Italian Standards” project (Battisti, Tenco, Mina, Paoli, Dalla) a jazz revisiting of the Italian music with collaboration of Tiziana Ghiglioni.
Paolo D’Ascanio offers a repertorie that spans all genres of music: classic, jazz, modern, tango and verietè (French musette, etc…).

“With a strong musical eclecticism that allows him to get a vibrant and exciting music in which live in harmony different genres: classical, contemporary and jazz”
Corriere Adriatico



Born in 2009, the Accordion Ensemble “P.Soprani” is an accordion orchestra with the target to motivate teenagers to orchestral music. The orchestra conductor and creator of the musical arrangements is M° Christian Riganelli. The Orlandoni family has strongly supported this award to remember Mimmo Orlandoni who were a man tied to his land and his family. He believed in moral and civil values and he dedicated his entire life to music; this was recognized from many musicians of all the world.


He is a graduate of the Prague Conservatory and University of West Bohemia in Pilsen by Jaroslav Vlach. During his studies, he won the national competition in Hořovice (1990), as well as many international competitions. He performs as a soloist, in Piazzolla Soloists and Quintet Bona Fide chamber orchestras, as well as other chamber and orchestral groups (e. g. Prague Symphony Orchestra, Moravian Philharmonic, Suk Chamber Orchestra, The Chamber Orchestra of Dvorak County, Praga Camerata, and others). He‘s done recordings in the studios of the Czech Broadcasting Corporation, for Czech, Spanish, Italian and even American television corporations. He recorded a CD entitled the Colorful World of Accordion dedicated to contemporary music and CD Václav Trojan´s Century. He is currently the Deputy Director of the Prague Conservatory where he also teaches. He is artistic director of the European Festival of the Accordion Orchestras in Prague and the Harmonika Days Festival. He is president of the Czech Accordionist’s Association and member of the international juries.


The Mantice Quartet was born on the initiative of Maestro Antonello Simone with the intent to revive classic music with the traditional accordion. It’s composed of Antonello Simone, Manuela Crocetti, Sergio Capofetti and Paride De Berardinis who come from of the Musical Istitute G. Spontini (AP). The Mantice Quartet was born on the 13th August 2012 with a Buffet-Concert where Maestro Gervasio Marcosignori took part as an honored guest, as it was inspired from him. The repertory ranges from Barocco until half of the XX century with Händel, Pergolesi, Vivaldi, Boccherini, Mozart, Khachaturian and excursions in other kinds of music.

The Quartet has in program many concerts in Italy and in Germany when the “Theater 1” at Bad Münstereifel had its reopening inauguration.




Giuseppe Scigliano is an Italian classical accordion (bayan) player, bandoneonist and music teacher. It is considered by international critics as one of the most multi-faceted virtuoso bayanist in the Italian accordion scene. He began at an early age to study the classical accordion with M° Mario Castellacci. It was the first graduate with honors and praise at the Conservatory “Santa Cecilia” in Rome under the guidance of M° Massimiliano Pitocco. He studied composition and conductorship with Maestro Francesco Carotenuto and attended masterclasses in Italy and abroad with Massimiliano Pitocco, Wjatscheslaw Semionov, Matti Rantanen, Max Bonnay, Friederic Lips, Yuri Shiskin, Geir Draugsvol, Jean Luc Manca and Claudio Jacomucci, with whom he attended the three-year course of “Scuola Superiore di Fisarmonica” at the Conservatory “G. Lettimi” in Rimini. He has to his credit numerous concerts in Italy and abroad, and his research on classical and contemporary repertoire has always aimed at developing and discovering new techniques to accordion literature. He collaborated with illustrious names of the Italian and foreign music scenes, such as: Franco Piersanti, Nanni Moretti, “Pessoa” Quartet, Gennady Rozhdestevensky, Marco Della Chiesa d’Isasca, Ezio Monti. In 2008 he founded, together with the pianist Filippo Arlia, one of the most important and famous Italian ensemble committed to research and spreading of the tango, the well known duo “2ttango”, which has more than 100 performances throughout Italy and a repertoire that includes the most important works by Piazzolla. He’s winner of numerous national and international competitions, he has performed as soloist and in different chamber formations in numerous theaters like the Teatro “San Carlo” of Naples, Teatro “Belli”, “Universal” and “dell’Orologio” in Rome, the “Apollo” Theatre in Crotone, the Auditorium of the Conservatory “Santa Cecilia” in Rome, the Teatro “Rendano” in Cosenza, Teatro”Anselmi” in Giardini Naxos (ME), the Concert Hall of Deventer (Netherlands), the Teatro “Ariston” in Sanremo, theatre of Alagna (VC) and the theatre “Paisiello” in Lecce. He has performed with numerous Italian and foreign orchestras such as the Philharmonic “Tchaikovsky”, the Chamber Orchestra of Calabria, Rome Philharmonic, Symphony Orchestra of the Conservatory “Santa Cecilia” in Rome, the Symphony Orchestra of “San Carlo” in Naples and has performed for prestigious festivals and concert seasons as the “Circuito del Mito”, the “Mendelssohn Festival” in Lecce, “Traimonti d’Estate” in Varallo Sesia (VC), “ExtraMoenia” in Giardini Naxos (ME), “Omaggio a Taormina” (ME), International Akkordion Festival Vilnius. In 2006, in collaboration with the production company Cecchi Gori International, he has recorded the soundtrack composed by Franco Piersanti for the well-known film “IL CAIMANO” by Nanni Moretti. e frequently holds Master Classes in Classical Accordion for the most important Italian institutions, including the “Campus AFAM” in Santa Severina (KR), “Valsesia Musica” in Varallo Sesia (VC), the “International Music Masterclass” in Giardini Naxos (ME), etc… It is regularly invited on committees of national and international competitions such as the “Mendelsshon Cup” in Taurisano (LE), the International Trophy “Città dei Greci” (AV), “Strumenti&Musica Festival” in Spoleto (PG), etc. Since 2007 he keeps on an intense concert activity, side by side with the didactic work: he’s a Classical Accordion teacher at the Conservatory of Music “P .I .Tchaikovsky” in Nocera Terinese (CZ).


Filippo Arlia is a pianist, teacher and performer Italian. And ‘considered by international critics one of the most brilliant and versatile pianists of his generation. He graduated in piano at the Conservatory “F. Torrefranca” Vibo Valentia in just 17 years with honors, cum laude and honorable mention under the guidance of Antonella Barbarossa, thus acquiring the methods and techniques of the school pianistic the famous teacher Lethea Cifarelli, favorite pupil of Edwin Fischer. He has played with numerous Italian and foreign orchestras, including the Chamber Orchestra of Campania, the Orchestra Sinfonica Polis of Vibo Valentia, the Orchestra De Tineret Cluj, the Adana Cukurova State Symphony Orchestra, the Philharmonic Orchestra “M . Jora” of Bacau, the Alfaterna Orchestra, the Orchestra of the Festival of Dawn, the Orchestra Filarmonica della Calabria. In 2007, on the occasion of the fifth centenary of St. Francesco di Paola, was premiered by the Orchestra Sinfonica di Vibo Valentia the Polis “Counterpoint to the tune of St. Francis of Paola walking on the waves” of F. Liszt – A. Barbarossa. In 2009 he was one of the few Italian pianists remember Haydn in honor of the bicentennial of his death with a tour dedicated to the composer’s concert repertoire. Since 2011 is the Artistic Director of Orchestra Filarmonica della Calabria (Mediterranean Theatre Foundation Terina) and the concert season “Lamezia Classical Festival” in Lamezia Terme (CZ). He has performed in prestigious concert halls, Italian and foreign, including the Teatro Umberto, the Politeama and Grandinetti Theatre of Lamezia Terme (CZ), the Apollo Theater in Crotone, Theatre Anselmi of Giardini Naxos (ME), the Teatro Paisiello Lecce, the Theatre of Adana (Turkey), Theatre of Alagna (VC), the Theatre of Bacau (Romania), the Teatro Tendastrisce of Rome, Teatro “R. Paone” in Formia (LT), the “S. Katherine Concert Hall” in Vilnius (Lithuania) and prestigious festivals and concert seasons as the “Festival of Dawn” in Crotone, “Mendelssohn Festival” of Lecce, the “Circuit of Myth”, “Traimonti summer” of Varallo Sesia (VC), “Cava in music” of Cava de ‘Tirreni (SA), “Extra Moenia” in Giardini Naxos (ME), the “International Piano Festival” in Taranto, the “Festival of Orchestras” of Rome, ” Spring Festival “of Gaeta (LT), the International Festival” Enescu – Orfeul Moldav “of Bacau (Romania), the International Festival of Vilnius (Lithuania),”Travel Festival” in Piacenza, etc. … He is the author of textbooks and monographs used for studies at the Conservatory, including “14 small pieces for piano” (Ed. Artemis, Scafati 2007), “J. S. Bach – Elements of Performance Practice” (Ed. Artemis, Scafati 2010) and “Elements of folk music” (Ed. Symphony, Carisch, 2011). He frequently asked in the committees of numerous national and international competitions such as the “Mendelssohn Cup” in Taurisano (LE), the International Piano Competition “Salina Island” (ME), the National Piano Competition “City of Bucchianico” (CH), the International Competition “Don Matteo Colucci” Fasano (BR), the International Competition “City Trophy Greeks” (AV), the International Competition “City of Ostuni” (BR), the International Piano Competition “Silvio Bengalli” Val Tidone (PC), the National Piano Competition “Luigi Paduano” Cercola (Na), the National Piano Competition “G. Paisiello” of Taranto, the National Piano Competition “George and Aurora Giovannini” in Reggio Emilia, etc. … Careful scholar and connoisseur of classical literature of the piano, frequently holds seminars and lecture-concert on piano technique and interpretation; clever and shrewd teacher, he is regularly invited to give masterclasses and courses from more presigiose Italian institutions including Valsesia Music Varallo Sesia (VC), the International Meeting dell ‘Accademia “FB Mendelssohn” Taurisano (LE), the AFAM Campus of Santa Severina (KR), the Municipal School of Music in Nepi (VT), the “International Music Masterclass” in Giardini Naxos (ME), the Accademia Musicale Mediterranea di Taranto, etc. … In 2008 he founded, together with the bandoneon Giuseppe Scigliano, one of the most important and famous Italian ensemble committed to the research and dissemination of tango in the world, the well-known duo “2ttango”, with whom he has made more than 100 shows in Italy and a repertoire that includes the most important works by Piazzolla. In 2011 by the famous book piano “Pianissimo” for the Italian magazine “Tools & Music” in 2012 and is one of the components of the preparation. In 2006 he began his teaching career teaching young piano at the Institute of Musical Studies “PI Tchaikovsky” Nocera Terinese (CZ), where he is now Deputy Director and Professor of “performance practice and repertoire”, “Orchestra and orchestral repertoire” and “Methodology of teaching instrumental” in degree courses of Level I and II. Is also a professor of piano courses of ‘International Piano Academy “EPTA – Italy (Rome/London).


He began his first musical studies when he was 8, because of a family tradition. He has taken part in several accordion contests, and won the first prize at age 10; in that period he also met the M° Pino Di Modugno who strengthen his love for accordions. He began to study keyboards and has been performing in lots of Italian squares as keyboard player, at the same time he kept on studying accordion and improving his technique under the guidance of M° Giancarlo Caporilli. At the moment he is an accordion and solfeggio teacher in some Schools in Rome and in his own school but he also dedicates to concerts. He has been performing for several years with his orchestra in the most important dance halls and squares in Lazio. He has performed in lots of concerts and participated to different manifestations: in 2008 he began to take part to “Musictech Digital Accordion Orchestra”, the first digital accordions orchestra that performed for the first time on the 15th of October, 2008 at Teatro Astra in Castelfidardo (Ancona) in occasion of the 33^ International accordion Festival. In April, 2009, he performed at Musikmess in Frankfurt in the Acoustic Stage; in September 2009 he performed in 2 concerts at Teatro Comunale in Recoaro Terme (Vicenza). In October 2009 he participated in the 34^ International Accordion Festival in Castelfidardo and in November he performed in England as “Seacroft Accordions International”. In December, 2009 he participated in the 8th edition of the contest “Musica senza parole”; in the same period he perfomed in theatres the show “Il giudice Fausto e l’avvocato Mefisto. Storia di straordinaria corruzione”with the company Rinascimento 2000 and organized and performed the musical part. In March, 2010 he performed in Frankfurt for Musikmess 2010 an in april he participated in the 1st Festival “Fisarmoniche in crociera” and performed in Greece, Piereo, Corfu and in Dubrovnik in Croatia. In August, 2010 he participated in the 1st Festival “Fisarmoniche nel Parco” and performed in Pescasseroli. In occasion of the 35th edition of International Accordion Festival in Castelfidardo (October 2010, 5/10) he particicpated in the 3rd edition of Music Reality show where he performed in jam sessions with great national and international artists such as Richard Galliano, Frank Marocco and Coba and he also performed at Teatro Astra and Auditorium in Castelfidardo. In November, 2010 he performed twice at ”Seacroft Accordions International” in England. In January, 2011 he performed with a strings orchestra at the teathre “Il Mitreo” in Rome and in March 2011 he participated in the 9th edition of the contest “Musica senza parole”, where he performed with an unpolished piece that he created and arranged. In April, 2011 he performed at acoustic Stage in Frankfurt in occasion of Musikmesse. He has taken part in the Accordions quartet “Antonio Vivaldi”, in august, 2011 he performed a classical music concert at anfiteatro Comunale in Pietrabbondante (Isernia) and in September 2011 he performed during the 36th edition of International Accordion Festival in Castelfidardo. In December, 2011 he performed at Teatro Orione in Rome with the show “L’uomo dal fiore in bocca” by Luigi Pirandello and he organized and performed the musical part. From January to June 2012, he had been performing at Teatro Trastevere in Rome with the show “Posta Prioritaria” (made from Gianfranco Calligarich’s book) where acting and music are mixed together. His repertoire moves freely among different genres: varietè, jazz, swing, blues, classic music, pop, latin, American. He is author of several pop, latin-american, accordion solo, accordion orchestra pieces, he collaborates with musical editions Berbén, Physa, Musicomania, Bagutti, Casa dell’organetto, Edicta Music, GDE and with musical editions Musikverlag Wurzburger in Germany. To his first dance albums “By Marco” and “Ritmo Solare”, he added two albums to listen, “Semplicemente per te” and “Il volo immaginario, whose tracks are performed with the accordion without orchestra, to enhance the instrument beauty.


The Gugliemi Brothers are a duo composed of Alessandro and Gabriele Gugliemi. Alessandro, of age 12, and Gabriele, of age 11, are the best diatonic accordion musicians of the new generation. Even if they are really young, they have already done a series of gigs with their group. A perfect union where, the brothers, stand out for the their repertory composed by only original works for diatonic accordion. This duo have made some appearances on TV and radio and they have played in many international festivals with different artistic extractions such as: International Festival of Castelfidardo, Paola in Jazz, international festival of the Folklore, Pineto Italy award, Frankfurt Miskmesse, International Roland Accordion Festival shows in the important Sinopoli Hall – Park of the Music Rome where 3000 people attended. These young talents are the pride of the their teacher Antonio Spaccarotella, who participated and won many international competitions. Alessandro Guigliemi triumphs at the 61st world thophy C.M.A cat. Junior variety diatonic winning the 1stplace confer by the (Confederation World of the Accordion). The Gugliemi Brothers are official endorser for the company Paolo Soprani eMaster midi Productions.


The Orchestra Giovanile Castelfidardo was born with the project to ensure continuity at the ensemble music experience started from the course of the address of the Istitute “Paolo Soprani”. Composed by the best elements from the istitution that continues the study of the instrument, the Orchestra has created, over the years, an organic compact and cohesive, and select a endearing repertory that ranges from classical to light, however , all made in modern, which accessible to all audiance. The particular instrumental ensemble that makes up the Orchestra, over to “classic” violin, flutes and piano, there are accordions, acoustic guitar, electrics guitars and bassed and percussions. All is completed by original arrangements designed and reiterpreted specifically for the Orchestra. The ensemble includes elements between the ages of 15 and 21.



He trained in jazz accordion with Professor Renzo Ruggeri which was held at the conservatory of music G.BRAGA of Teramo (IT) where he studied history of jazz, contemporary arrangement for small and medium-sized formations, electronic music. He Specializes in accordion seminars and masterclasses of Classical / Modern / Jazz whit: Zubitsky Vladimir (Russia), Luciano Biondini (Italy), Alexander technique with Claudio Jacomucci (Italy), Frederic Lips (Russia), Frank Morocco (USA), Frederic Deschamps (France), Mika Väyrynen (Finland), Nicola Pisani (Italy) – Mark Tumbas (Grece), Massimiliano Pitocco (Italy). He represented Italy in the Coupe CIA World Galsgow (Scotland)-World Trophy CMA Sarajevo (Bosnia Herzegovina), Roland V-Accordion Festival (Rome). In October 2008 he won the City of Castelfidardo Cat Varietè, considered from the view of accordion, the accordion contest and award are the most important in the world. There are various types of music to which he devoted himself: Jazz, French, tango, experimental music, and he is involved in numerous projects of varied art extraction where he has appeared in Italy and abroad, with tours in France, Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Finland, Holland, Hungary, Ireland, Scotland, England, Brazil, New Zealand, China, with concerts at Sata Häme Soi Festival Ikalineen – FINLAND (Shanghai Art Teatre)-Shanghai CHINA, (Basin Acoustic) Salvador de Bahia-BRASIL (Art.Arena) SOUTH KOREA-Seoul, etc. He’s a specialist for the disciplines of World Music and professor of modern and classical accordion in the Musical Studies Institute -Nuove Armonie (Calabria). He periodically holds masterclasses in Italy and abroad with several collaborations illustrious names in the international accordion. One of the specialized teachers on global education and the use of new technologies for teaching applied to the Accordion. He is currently working on his latest project that brings together all the interests of modern accordion and experiments with a project of duo with saxophonist Alberto La Neve a renowned concert pianist with whom he has made a record “NO ‘TIME’ produced by Production NSJ (2012), that is enjoying significant in Italy and abroad.


DANILO DI PAOLONICOLA, accordion Winner of six “World Championship” of diatonic accordion (1987, 88, 89, 90, 91, 95) and of several national and international competitions among which “Premio Città di Castelfidardo”(the most important competition for jazz accordion), won in 2007 with his band “Ethnic Project” and in the same year they also won the “Stefano Bizzarri Price” where he has had the honor of opening the concert gala of Richard Galliano. He studied varietè accordion and jazz music with Maestro Renzo Ruggieri, he attended on some courses at Barklee School of Perugia (Umbria jazz). He is teacher of the first experimental course in Italy for diatonic accordion at the Conservatory of L’Aquila “A. Casella”. In 2009 and 2010 he was teacher of higher education courses Campus Afam in Santa Severina (Kr) mounted at the Musical High school Tchaikovsky in Nocera Terinese (Cz). He gave master classes and workshops at conservatories, festivals and competitions, among which the International Festival of Castelfidardo. He is the official demonstrator of accordion and piano organ firms as “Paolo Soprani” and “Scandalli”. He is consulting engineer and official demonstrator “Roland Europe” for the V Accordion for which he carried out the first virtual diatonic accordion. He is the accordion representative for Castelfidardo Museum, that organizes events about the story of accordion. He has recorded nearly twenty records as side man and in 2008 he collaborated on the realization of the “Abruzzo Mediterraneo” record produced by the “Wide Sound” label with the group M.Edit Ensemble of Angelo Valori distributed with the newspaper of Abruzzo “Il centro” with more than 3000 copies. He recorded different soundtracks for Cinik records, among which “La Casa Sulle Nuvole” produced by Warner Bros, L’uomo Fiammifero, Il Viaggio di Kalibani, Fratelli D’Italia, La Madonna Della Frutta, etc… He held concerts in Switzerland, Germany, France, Belgium, Croatia, Netherlands, Hunghery, Austria, Bosnia-Erzegovina, Japan, California, Florida, Portugal, etc.. and performed at several ethnic, folk, jazz festival, some remarkable are the International Festival of Castelfidardo, La Casa Del Jazz in Pescara, Festival Suoni Mediterranei of Atri (TE), Giulia Jazz (TE), Campi Sonori (AQ) etc… He has also played and collaborated with musicians like: Renzo Ruggieri, Peppino Principe, Toni Fidanza, Mauro De Federicis, Angelo Trabbucco, Gianluca Caporale, Enrico Melozzi, Marco Di Natale, Bruno Marcozzi, Massimo Manzi, Massimo Morriconi, Maurizio Rolli, Pierpaolo Pecoriello, Roberto Desiderio, Fabrizio Mandolini, Angelo Valori, Elsa Lila, Linda Valori, Jerry Gates, Ludovic Beier.

GIANLUCA CAPORALE, sax, clarinet

Gianluca Caporale was born to Teramo on 20th October 1974. At first he majored in clarinet with honors from the Conservatory of Music “A. Casella” Aquila under the guide of M° Piero Iacobelli. Later he obtained the diplomas of Saxophone at the Conservatory “N. Piccinni” in Bari and Jazz Music at the Conservatory “A. Casella” in Aquila. He participated to seminary of improvisation and music of M° Javier Girotto of the “Interamnia Jazz Festival” 1998. In August 1999 he participated to seminary of piano and jazz trio of M° Micheal Camilo. He has followed the music course of Siena Jazz which allowed him to study and play with famous jazz musicians: Paolo Fresu, Enrico Rava, Marco Tamburini, Stefano Cantini, Danilo Rea, Tino Tracanna, Emanuele Cisi, Ettore Fioravanti, Paolino dalla Porta, Tommaso Lama, Enzo Pietropaoli, Mauro Negri, Pietro Tonolo, Luigi Tessarolo, Flavio Boltro, Mauro Beggio, Riccardo Fassi e Enrico Pierannunzi. He has participated in important festivals as “Pescara Jazz”, “Vasto Jazz”, “Roccella Ionica”, “Barga Jazz”, “Bussi Jazz” (AQ), “Fano Jazz”, “Gubbio Jazz”, “Vicenza Jazz”, “Summer Jazz’n Forte Dei Marmi”, “Suoni Mediterranei Atri” (TE), “Jazz a Bellante” (TE), “Ripatransone Jazz” (AP), “Pomigliano Jazz” (NA), “Pinocchio Jazz Festival” (FI), ”Val Tidone Jazz Festival”, “Music Inn” (RM), “La Palma”(RM), ”Pineto Accordion jazz Festival” (TE) “Interamnia Jazz Festival” (TE), “Julia Jazz” Giulianova (TE), “Pescara Jazz” (PE),”Sant’Anna Arresi Jazz”(CA) playing in various jazz ensembles and collaborating with artists such as Irio De Paula, Bob Mintzer, Paolo Di Sabatino, Massimo Manzi, Massimo Morriconi, Carl Palmer, Hiram Bulloch, Peter Erskine, Jiulius Pastorius, Dario Deidda, Ellade Bandini, Fabrizio Bosso, Daniele Scannapieco, Roberto Desiderio, Gabriele Pesaresi, Maurizio Rolli, Mauro De Federicis, Alfredo Impullitti, Gary Green, Malcolm Mortimore, Rossano Emili, Massimo Morganti, Gianni Coscia, Cristian Meyer, Max Ionata, Diana Torto, Glauco Di Sabatino, Massimiliano Coclite, Danilo Rea, Marco Siniscalco, Pippo Matino, Rosario Giuliani, Lorenzo Tucci, Pietro Ciancaglini, Dee Dee Bridgwater, Renzo Ruggieri, Linda Valori, Luca Bulgarelli, Toni Fidanza, Marcello Di Leonardo, Maurizio Rolli, Simone La Maida, Francesco Cafiso, Bob Sheppard, Gino Vannelli, Bert Van Den Brink, Bob Franceschini, Tino Tracanna, Roberto Rossi, Enrico Rava, Raffaele Casarano, Luca Velotti, Claudio Filippini, Fabio Zeppetella, Maurizio Giammarco, Mike Stern, , Gianluca Petrella, Stefano “Cocco” Cantini, Josè Fioravanti, Achille Succi, Dino Rubino e Luca Aquino. In 2000 he was invited to play in the “drum clinic” and he plays in concert with the “Carl Palmer Quartet” on the MunicipalTheatre of Atri. He’s a solist “Italian Big Band” conducted by M° Marco Renzi with such training participated in several television and radio broadcasts in Rai collaborating with artistis as Renzo Arbore, Lino Banfi, Ric & Gian, Luisa Corna, Fausto Leali, Fabio Concato, Nicola Arigliano, Minni Minoprio, Paolo Bonolis, Luca Carboni, Teddy Reno, Serena Autieri, Jenny B, Ron. He has held a series of concerts in Italy and abroad with Italian Big Band experiencing a great critical acclaim. In 2006, playing on the RAI orchestra directed by Emanuele Friello television broadcast of RAIUNO “Nights on Ice” by Milly Carlucci. In March 2009 he performed with Gino Vannelli to “Breach Brew” San Benedetto (AP). He has published 24 discs. Since 2003 to 2006 collaborated with the laboratory courses of modern music of Barisciano (AQ) as teacher of jazz saxophone, clarinet and jazz ensemble jazz. In 2005 he was commissioned by the University of Teramo to deal with the preparation of the horn section of the “University Brass Band”. It’s teachers saxophone, clarinet, flute, music theory and music theory at the 3 Lindlar “St.George” of Teramo in 2010. It’teaches saxophone jazz, jazz clarinet, flute, music theory, music theory and jazz music at several private schools since 1998. Since 2007 he has taught at “Making Music” Teramo, and teaches jazz saxophone and clarinet jazz seminaries Julia music to Giulianova (TE) since 2010.


MYTHOS repertoire covers a wide range of genres. Numerous collaborations with living composers has resulted in many new works dedicated to MYTHOS. The duo also excels in re-arranging works for symphonic orchestra by famous classical composers. MYTHOS consist of Bjarke Mogensen and Rasmus Kjøller who both grew up on the Danish Island of Bornholm. Here they started playing together at a very early age and within a few years they won the national contest for accordion duo. They have performed at festivals in Holland, Finland, Lithuania, Estonia and in Denmark and in 2011 they had their American début in Carnegie Hall. MYTHOS was the 1st prize winner of the Danish Radio Chamber Music Competition 2011 and also received the prize for best performance of a contemporary work. In 2012 MYTHOS won the 1st prize in the Almere International Chamber Music Competition. Furthermore where they received the prize for best performance of a Dutch piece for Jacob Ter Veldhuis work for accordion duo, “Views from a Dutch Train”. In February 2013 MYTHOS’ first album will be released with music by Igor Stravinsky, Mussorgsky, Borodin and Tchaikovsky on the label Orchid Records.

VINCE ABBRACCIANTE, accordion & vintage keyboards

He was born in Ostuni, Italy, on 21st February 1983. At the age of eight years he studied music with his father Franco and A. Sanese. He studied and/or attendend masterclass with Franco D’Andrea, Bruno Tommaso, Richard Galliano, Joelle Leandre, Steve Potts, Roberto Gatto, Dado Moroni and he graduated in jazz music at the Conservatory “Nino Rota” in Monopoli. In october 2000 he won the 25th Iternational Prize and Award in Castelfidardo and in 2003 he won the 53th World Trophy. Since 2000 he is the Borsini’s Testimonial (accordion factory in Castelfidardo). In 2011 he was awarded with the prestigious VOCE D’ORO (GOLD REED) by the International Accordion Festival in Castelfidardo, whose previous recipients include: Astor Piazzolla, Gorni Kramer, Richard Galliano, Antonello Salis, Art Van Damme, Gil Goldstein, Vinicio Capossela. He wrote the soundtrack for the movie “Le Mamme di San Vito” directed by Gianni Torres, the film won the prize Globo Tricolore 2011 – Brazil/Cinema. He has performed in various parts of the world: Germany, Brazil, United States, China, India, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, England, Austria, South Africa, Denmark, Holland and Canada, performing at festivals and prestigious jazz clubs: Virada Cultural (San Paolo), Melbourne Jazz Festival (Melbourne), Queen’s Birthday Jazz & Blues Festival (Wellington), Java Jazz Festival (Jakarta), Esplanade Hall (Singapore), Montreal Jazz Festival, Rochester Jazz Festival, TerniJazzFest, Bari in Jazz, FIF (Castelfidardo), National Arts Festival (Grahamstown), Hong Kong Jazz Festival (Hong Kong), playing with great musicians: Juini Booth, John Medeski, Marc Ribot, Marvin Bugalu Smith, Stacy Dillard, Flavio Boltro, Carlo Actis Dato, Bruno Tommaso, The Bumps (Davide Penta & Antonio Di Lorenzo), Giuseppe Delre, Roberto Ottaviano, Luca Ciarla, Lucio Dalla. In 2006 he approaches the vintage keyboards like the Hammond organ, Farfisa, Rhodes, etc., giving freedom to his creative and psychedelic mind. In 2009 he designs along with Carlo Borsini a new system for the accordion registers, that allows to widen the sound range of his instrument. After more than a year of construction and design, the new accordion was officially presented at the Frankfurt fair in April 2011. Richard Galliano, speaking about young accordionists into an interview published on the french magazine “Jazzman” says: “Who has impressed me it is a young italian, from Puglia: Vincenzo Abbracciante. In every song he has embarked me in a history and touched”.


Paola Arnesano was born in Bari. She studied singing with the soprano Maria Grazia Pani and acting with Antonella Porfido and Franco Damascelli. Her debut as a jazz singer goes back to the end of the eighties when, in co-operation with Mario Rosini on piano, she formed a quintet in her name. In the meantime she studied the piano with Nico Marziliano and she also studied arrangement for big band with the maestro Luigi Giannatempo. Very fond of jazz samba and bossa nova, she studied their language and repertoire: this would result in the establishment of permanent bands like the Abrasileirado and the Trio de Janeiro, whose co-leader is Guido Di Leone. Mainly attracted to the cool singers of the fifties, she started to develop original projects, such as a jazz re-interpretation of the Italian songs of the forties or the writing of lyrics for a more recent music which had never been sung before. At the same time she started to compose her own music and this would lead to the release of her first two records. In the meantime she was asked to be permanently part of Attilio Zanchi’s quartet which, besides him, the double bass player, was also formed by Guido Di Leone and Gilson Silveira. Moreover she also steadily co-operated with Davide Santorsola, Mimmo Campanale and Maurizio Quintavalle. At that time she got second at the Premio Urbani. She started to co-operate with the big names of the Italian jazz scene like Stefano Bollani, Roberto Ottaviano, Angelo Adamo, Gianni Cazzola, Ettore Fioravanti, Franco Cerri, Gianni Basso, Luigi Bonafede, Tiziana Ghiglioni, Marco Micheli, Massimo Manzi, Tomaso Lama, Gianluca Petrella, Daniele Scannapieco, Aldo Vigorito, Fabrizio Bosso, Pietro Ciancaglini, Enzo Zirilli, Nicola Stilo, Renato Sellani, Ares Tavolazzi and Dado Moroni, whom she recorded a duo-record with and whom she still steadily cooperates with. Her concert activity took her to England, Spain, Portugal, France, Germany, Switzerland and Austria. She gave several seminars in Italian schools and universities. Furthermore, in the last few years, she has also been performing as a member of the Faraualla vocal quartet and she has been co-operating with high calibre musicians such as Noa, Maria Pia De Vito, Paolino Dalla Porta, Francesco Sotgiu, Andrea Parodi, Pino Minafra, Rita Marcotulli, Bebo Ferra, Paolo Pietrangeli, Carmen Consoli, Antonella Ruggiero. Since 1993 she has worked at the music school Il Pentagramma in Bari, where she teaches singing, harmony and improvisation technique. Teacher of jazz singing at Conservatory Niccolò Piccinni in Bari. She won the Italian Jazz Awards “Luca Flores” 2009 as the “best jazz singer” in Italy.



Ethnic Project symbolizes the sum of Danilo Paolonicola’s artistically elevated experiences. There fosters a marriage between research of ancient material and original compositions on one side and refined arrangements on the other, returning a sonority going straight to the heart of music like popular, jazz with classical references. Danilo Di Paolonicola, accordion and diatonic accordion Maurizio Rolli, electric bass Morgan Fascioli, drum Gionni Di Clemente, guitar, oud, bouzuki Danilo Di Paolonicola winner of six “World Championship” diatonic accordion (1987, ‘88, ‘89, ‘90, ‘91, ‘95), and numerous national and international competitions. Among the many contests won, Danilo in 2007 with his band “Ethnic Project” won the most important competition in the world for jazz accordion “Prize Città di Castelfidardo” and always in the same year with his band also won the “Award Stefano Bizzarri” where he had the honor to open the gala concert with Richard Galliano. He studied accordion varietè and jazz music with the teacher Renzo Ruggieri, attended higher education courses at Berklee School in Perugia (Umbria Jazz). He teaches the first experimental course in Italy for diatonic accordion at the Conservatory of L’Aquila “A. Casella”. He has recorded soundtracks for Cinik records, including “La Casa Sulle Nuvole” produced by Warner Bros. He has given concerts in Switzerland, Germany, France, Belgium, Croatia, Holland, Hungary, Austria, Bosnia-Herzegovina, etc. He has performed in various festivals dedicated to folk music, ethnic and jazz, including the Castelfidardo International Accordion Festival, La Casa Del Jazz in Pescara, Festival Sounds Mediterranean of Atri (TE), Giulia Jazz (TE), Campi Sonori (AQ), Serravalle Outlet Jazz Festival (AL), Strumenti & Musica Festival of Spoleto (PG), etc… He also played and collaborated with musicians such as Renzo Ruggieri, Peppino Principe, Toni Fidanza, Mauro De Federicis, Angelo Trabbucco, Gianluca Caporale, Marco Di Natale, Bruno Marcozzi, Massimo Manzi, Massimo Morriconi, Maurizio Rolli, Pierpaolo Pecoriello, Roberto Desiderio, Fabrizio Mandolini, Angelo Valori, Elsa Lila, Linda Valori, Jerry Gates.

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