Exhibition of imprints

From 10.00 a.m. to 24.00 p.m.

Opening Wednesday, September 21 at 16:30
The Museum of Imprints of the hand in Recoaro Terme (VI) was born in 1997 from an idea of M° Bio Boccosi of Ancona, as if to recall the event of delivery of the Oscar World Accordion of Pavia, assigned to personalities of the industry: musicians, composers and builders.
Entered into a written agreement between the mayor of Recoaro Terme, Armido Besco, now adviser to the provincial, the director of the local branch of the Centro Didattico Musicale Italiano, M° Elio Bertolini, and the Honorary President of the C.D.M.I., M° Gervasio Marcosignori, has been established that the Italian accordionists or world-class foreign and the characters who were distinguished for “special merits”, would be invited to leave their handprint to be located in to the museum specially arranged. In 14 years of life Recoaro Terme has managed to collect more than sixty footprints of the large accordion, they constitute a fascinating museum, unique of its kind.
With the current municipal administration imprints are now placed at a designated rooms in a building block of the historic city center, in which the windows of characters has become a rich documentation of the most famous concert accordion.
For every artist you can see an autograph music, photographs, records, CDs and whatever else has characterized his career. Marcosignori, Principe, Galla-Rini, Beltrami, Corino, Fugazza and Boccosi these last two for special merit, together with the other, find a point of reference at the Museum of Recoaro.

In collaboration with the Municipal Administration of the city and director of the Museum, this year the Festival of Castelfidardo hosts ten imprints taken from the Museum of Recoaro.

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